We welcome you to ThailandUPC.org, a site designed to bring you news about events taking place in the United Pentecostal Church of Thailand, with special focus on activities through the UPC of Thailand Bible School! This school is 15 miles east of the northern city of Chiang Rai, and you can see a full size photo of this beautiful school by selecting the "Bible School Photo" link on the left hand side of this page. 
Sending forth laborers into His Harvest!
Welcome to the United Pentecostal Church of Thailand
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UPC of Thailand, Bangkok
Updated   May 20, 2015
Upcoming Event

Thai Ladies Conference

Oct 21-25, 2015

A new evangelism effort to reach a local Buddhist community near the school began this year.  You can read about it in the 2015 "1st Quarter" Newsletter on this site (click on the  "Newsletters" link on the left)
Evangelism Through English
English Services, Bangkok
School Waterfall and Pond
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